JKR Refreshing WiFi

The Scenario –  

Our client was experiencing poor WiFi performance in their main office and meeting space. Despite there apparently being an appropriately sized number of AP’s, users were experiencing slow speeds, connection drops and very poor roaming experience when moving around the site whilst on calls. They had had the same issue with a few different vendors and were reluctant to shell out further cash on another full WiFi estate replacement.  

The Solution – 

IWP surveyed the site and provided an alternative design using Juniper Mist access points & intelligent licensing, with the aim of not only stabilising the WiFi experience for JKR’s end users but also providing additional benefits, such as intelligent over the air channel optimisation, measurable end user service level expectations (SLE’s) and AI guided troubleshooting with dynamic packet capture, improving the mean time to resolution (MTTR) for any trouble tickets submitted to their internal IT team.  

With the support of our partners Juniper and Nuvias, we implemented a POC in a segmented area of the office, removing the existing WiFi AP’s in this area in the process. This gave us great live data on the user experience in this part of the office, which could be directly compared to user experience in the remainder of the office, still using the old network. Within a matter of days, it was noted that users, who would typically spread across the desk space available to them in the whole office, were congregating in the POC area due to the superior WiFi experience! The data backed this trend, with only a few isolated DNS issues when new users were connecting for the first time, which was quickly identified and resolved. 

The Outcome –  

Due to the overwhelming success of the POC, our client has placed several Juniper Mist orders and will be implementing the solution at their new office space, which they will occupy in Summer 2023. The improved end user experience has enabled their staff to become exponentially more productive. With faith once again restored in their network, users were noted to be returning to meeting rooms that had long been abandoned due to the poor experience they offered. The downtick in WiFi related IT tickets has also freed up our clients IT staff to focus on more strategic internal objectives, further modernising their offering to their clients. 

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