A word from the CEO

Navigating Growth: Challenges and triumphs at iwGROUP

As with any business experiencing rapid growth, it can be a challenge to work on the business, rather than in the business.  This is no different with iwGROUP.  We’re developing a number of exciting new platforms and delivering innovative projects and also expanding our coverage into new countries. This adds many more layers of complexity! I am fortunate to be surrounded by some of the best people in the business. This enables us to work as a highly effective team to progress every project.

However, managing the impact and direction of a team requires constant attention.  Talented new people joining the business need to feel engaged, empowered and heard. This means our people need to be very focused on ensuring teams adapt and evolve to the new skills and opinions at the table.

Strategic partnerships thrive under Christopher Chave-Cox’s leadership

Our partnerships continue to be a core focus for Christopher Chave-Cox who leads our strategic vision. It’s fantastic to see our latest relationship with the UK PropTech Association developing so positively and so quickly. With an endless stream of events, expo’s, panels, podcasts, discussions and presentations, CCC will soon need an agent! The discussion panel he hosted at UKREiiF in Leeds was a huge success and has resulted in many new opportunities.

A very warm welcome to Khalid and Maura!

Over last couple of months, we’ve seen the team at iwGROUP expand to around 20 people and we still have a number of vacancies to fill. Khalid Khan has joined us as Head of Projects and his impact has already been huge. His ability to plan a project through, overcome challenges whilst keeping all stakeholders informed and included is unrivalled. I am utterly convinced Khalid will play a huge part in our future success.

Maura Vinall is our very latest addition. Having worked with Maura in the past, it was always inevitable that we would one day welcome her into iwGROUP. Maura has a perfect blend of commercial and sales skills alongside being the very best Account Director I have ever worked with.  Her arrival has already resulted in a number of new clients.

Shining a Spotlight on our Exceptional Marketing Team

There is also a committed team of people that work tirelessly behind the scenes on our website, social content, collateral, case studies and campaigns.  It’s a pleasure for me to bring our Marketing Team to the fore, as they receive praise at every event we visit, such is the strength and appeal of our content.  We’re already out-punching many competitors with bigger budgets and this is solely down to the talent and commitment of this team.

Exciting times ahead

Looking outwards, iwGROUP are now fully operational in UAE and much of mainland Europe.  We are working on live projects currently in Barcelona, Berlin, Andorra, Belgium & Italy. Scot Gibson is leading much of our international strategy and is adapting brilliantly to working across multiple time zones and the nuances of international trade.

Lastly, you will start to see some subtle changes to our branding in the weeks ahead as our various technology specialisms align under iwGROUP. I’m proud and delighted of some exciting announcements coming soon, as we shape the business for a truly international future. 



Worth a read! CCC’s interview with UK PropTech here: https://ukproptech.com/news/spotlight-interview-iwp-group/