Intelligent workplace sensors

Intelligent sensors monitor temperature, air and water quality. They also control smart lighting, heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, or individual devices. Through machine learning, the data from these workplace sensors is analysed to help monitor energy consumption and optimise efficiencies, reducing operating costs and carbon emissions; a comprehensive energy management solution.

Proptech automation

HVAC + smart lighting

Smart building design

Workplace wellbeing

Energy management

Proptech automation

Revolutionising your property management 

The power of proptech automation brings efficiency and convenience to your fingertips, allowing you to monitor, control, and optimise building functions effortlessly. Elevate your property management via the seamless integration and intelligent automation offered by our proptech solutions. Pave the way for your building to become more connected, efficient, and future-ready. 

HVAC + Smart lighting

The future of smart workspaces 

Enhance your business with smart lighting to harmonise the natural workday. Scalable solutions integrate into your building management system, offering centralised control. Connecting with systems such as HVAC and security results in a cohesive, data-rich approach. Automated HVAC solutions ensure advanced climate control, adapting in real-time to occupancy levels. Simplify management with user-friendly interfaces, to monitor settings across multiple zones or buildings through a single platform. 

Smart building design

Elevating your building with smart integration 

In addition to lighting, strategically placed intelligent sensors play a pivotal role in managing all existing and emerging devices within your building; take a deeper dive into data analysis and future-proof your space.  Sensor-driven device management transforms buildings into intelligent, responsive environments. Expect heightened energy efficiency, substantial cost savings, enhanced user satisfaction, and the capacity to make well-informed decisions with real-time data. Continually improve and adapt your property using precise and accurate information. 

Workplace wellbeing

Breathe easy with the power of machine learning 

Advanced technologies, workplace sensors, monitoring systems and real-time data collection analyse air quality for pollutants and particles. Similarly, water quality management involves sensors to measure parameters like pH, temperature, and contaminants, with the data sent to a central system for analysis. Advanced algorithms and machine learning can identify trends, predict potential issues, and enable timely interventions to maintain optimal air and water quality within your property. 

Energy management

Monitor, manage, maximise 

Our in-house developed, machine learning platform comprehensively analyses your environment, automatically implementing cost-saving measures by intelligently adjusting systems and alerting you to potential issues in advance. Centralised monitoring and automated analytics deliver a complete overview of the usage of your entire estate, individual systems or devices.  Our platform integrates directly into your current BMS and where there is high-use equipment, we can install additional smart meters. We’ll guide you to maximise the benefits. The deeper the data analysis, the more detail, trends and actionable results will be uncovered; an energy management solution for every industry sector. 

Commercial real estate spans diverse sectors. Our approach ensures versatile, unique tech design in each one. It’s truly rewarding!

Christopher Chave-Cox, Chief Strategy Officer iwGROUP

Chris Chave-Cox

Chief Strategy Officer