We believe that managing
workspace technologies through one specialist team and via one central hub provides the best efficiency. At iwGROUP we seamlessly manage the entire lifecycle of proptech projects from concept to implementation. Our service encompasses strategy, design, deployment, and on-going support for a cohesive and comprehensive solution. With experience across myriad industries, our products are all interoperable and ever-evolving, thereby ensuring the futureproofing of all properties and spaces.

Our Mesh

Based on six technology divisions, our interactive Mesh framework gives you flexibility, security, and control, all delivered by the single provider that is iwGROUP.  Infinitely customisable; either select individual products and services for a specific room or seamlessly integrate them into a unified, tailored solution to suit your entire property portfolio.

This Mesh approach eliminates the necessity for multiple suppliers and empowers you to curate a solution that aligns precisely with your unique needs and goals. Choose the components that fulfill your vision, and let our expertise weave them together into a comprehensive, synergistic solution.

Our Hardware

The foundation of robust and reliable technology solutions lies in the quality of the hardware components deployed. To ensure superior performance, we choose only the best products from the most reliable global manufacturers. This commitment allows us to deliver cutting-edge and bespoke solutions, that align with our high-quality and innovative technology services.

World Class Security

Enabling trust, interoperability and secure device communication, via a combination of advanced technologies, processes and strategies.  Expect robust security frameworks that provide world-class protection for your systems, data, and users.

Investing in our open-source data platform guarantees complete authority over your data, keeping it fully secure and giving you the freedom to dictate its precise usage. Only you decide how your data is being used.

British Technology

The UK has a rich history of contributing to technological developments, with numerous companies and research institutions playing pivotal roles in innovation and shaping the future of technology. We are active in the nation’s role on the global stage, by driving sustainable advancements that impact diverse industries and everyday working lives.