Access Control

Access control is typically viewed as a system to keep people out, rather than to easily enable the right people to get in. Technological innovations and advancements in cloud native features have enabled previously rigid products & services to evolve into true assets to building and service management. 

Part of this evolution is centred around integrations which allows a specialist product, such as access control, to benefit from “best of breed” softwares & programmes developed by external specialists, such as Google, Microsoft and OfficeRnD. At IWP, we strongly believe that an intelligently integrated solution is far greater than the sum of its parts. When these integrations are native to the product, gaining the benefits of them can be as simple as flicking a switch. 

Possibly the largest security concern with access control is misplaced/stolen fobs and passes. It’s not uncommon for companies to print their address/company logo on an access card or fob, either for branding purposes or for the hope of the return of a misplaced access credential. In the wrong hands however, this can lead any would-be thief directly to your door whilst holding a key. An intelligent integrated access control system can negate this risk in a few ways; 

  • Certain systems do away with fobs and passes altogether, authorising access via mobile device, biometrics and/or facial recognition 
  • Integrated with CCTV, an access event where, for example, David Smith’s credential is used but an unknown face is logged at the same time, an alert can be raised to admin or security staff of a potential access breach, which can be duly and rapidly investigated 
  • Access schedules can restrict who can access what and at what time. For example, setting it so that a business premises cannot be accessed after closing – should an attempt be made to do so, an alert can be sent to admin or security staff. If the attempt is genuine (such as someone forgot something and has come back for it) the door can be opened remotely by an authorised administrator 

Access control has evolved beyond the clunky, server-reliant systems of old, and is now a tool that can empower your business and end users, providing key insights into space usage, occupancy and in the case of PAYG workspaces, bookings and timings.  

Whether you’re looking to upgrade from an existing system or working from a blank canvas, contact IWP for an evaluation and guidance on where to look.