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Providing continuous, dedicated support to our clients forms the cornerstone of our enduring business relationships. Serving as the sole point of contact from the initial concept stage, we go the extra mile through to installation and beyond.

Finance Solutions

Many iwGROUP clients opt to lease the equipment required for their new project and regard the investment as an ongoing operating cost rather than capital expenditure. Leasing equipment can help you acquire essential but expensive equipment without the full costs. In addition to the obvious cash flow benefits, there are a number of additional reasons why clients opt to lease equipment for their business:

Tax Efficient 
Your business gains tax advantage by being permitted to claim the monthly payment as part of the business expense. This reduces the taxable income of your business. You’ll also enjoy the tax benefits of buying software, depreciation and inflation benefits. Furthermore, its 100% tax deductible - when you lease, payments are considered a pre-tax expense meaning you can deduct the payment from your taxes. If you buy a device, you can only deduct its depreciation and copiers depreciate by around 40% in the first year and 25% in the second.

Easy Add-ons
You’ll be able to add new equipment to your lease at any time meaning that any new requirements enjoy all the benefits of leasing.

Saves Money
By leasing equipment, the business can finance 100% of its total equipment costs. This allows your company to use capital to invest in other areas of the business. By using alternative investments, the company can generate extra income. When you place an order with iwGROUP you won’t be asked to pay a deposit either as we will get paid by the leasing company directly when the project is complete and you confirm you are happy.

Upgrade as needed
In the world of technology, nothing stays new for long. Advanced machines are constantly developed to deliver the new features the modern workplace demands. Leasing helps your business to get access to new technology as required in a very flexible way.

Makes budgeting easy
Leasing allows business owners to acquire equipment instantly without necessarily tying up valuable cash. Leases consist of monthly rentals which do not change throughout the term. This helps you to effectively plan and manage budgets.

How does it work?
Our proposals always contain a leasing option for you to consider. With terms from 12 to 60 months, our staff can help you decide the expected lifecycle of the equipment and determine the best terms for you. As an example a £10,000 purchase could be leased for as little as £210 per month and this is why iwGROUP customers, both large and small, opt for the benefits that leasing brings their business.

iwGroup partner with a leading asset finance provider, meaning flexible finance solutions can be agreed to suit the needs of any client, large or small, short term or long. High level support remains in place throughout the term of the contract with efficient telephone support, easy to use documentation and leading account management, ensuring that there is no ambiguity when it comes to clients’ contractual obligations. Our finance partner can also aid with technology upgrades/refreshes, offering the right contract structure to suit the business and financial situation of the customer.

If you’re thinking of getting new equipment for your business, please speak to your account manager to find out more about the benefits of leasing equipment. 


Whether you choose individual products and services for a smaller space or opt for a comprehensive array of integrated products for a more complex project from our mesh, rest assured you will receive thorough training tailored to your requirements, existing tech expertise, and desired solution outcomes.

Our flexible training programs range from product-specific knowledge to IT and cybersecurity prevention guidance, to ensure maximum productivity and an exceptional end-user experience.

We’re always readily available to address any questions you may have.


Adhering to all relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards governing property technology is paramount to us. This includes data privacy, security protocols, and ensuring that our technologies and practices align with legal and ethical standards. Our compliance efforts mitigate risks, protect user data, and maintain a trustworthy and legally sound foundation for our operations.

In today’s competitive business landscape, standing out from the crowd demands a commitment to excellence in every aspect of our operations. This is where ISO certification comes into play. Being ISO Certified is not just a badge of honour for us; it is a testament to our commitment to quality, safety, and environmental responsibility.


WiredScore is a worldwide certification scheme that allows buildings to be measured on their connectivity and infrastructure, during development or once occupied. This independent verification provides potential occupiers with independently verified information and helps buildings stand out from their competition.

iwGROUP offers strategic advice, guiding landlords through the certification process with our in-house WiredScore Accredited Professionals.

Our appreciation that every building is unique, helps with the planning and budgeting in how to achieve the best possible certification score.

Partner with us

We partner with pioneering technology innovators and leading manufacturers across the globe to deliver integrated and ground-breaking solutions.  To find out more about becoming an iwGROUP Partner, please complete this form and one of our team will be in touch. Or call us on +44 208 758 7750.