AV and meeting room design

The scenario

A unified solution, without compromise

Techspace is a technology-first coworking space provider, rapidly expanding in London and major EU cities. They offer dedicated, flexible workspaces and meeting areas, available to rent for their members and external clients. These rooms are all varying sizes for adaptable occupancy, with contrasting furniture & wall compositions. Our client required a unified solution, to deliver a consistent experience throughout all their meeting spaces, without compromising on acoustics, audio quality or user experience.

The solution

Fully integrated AV solutions

iwGROUP designed, procured and installed Logitech Rally AV systems throughout this coworking space. Mini, Rally and Rally Plus systems are designed to accommodate varying meeting room sizes.Β  This ensures excellent audio quality, camera range and microphone pickup. Fully agnostic, they work perfectly with Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Zoom.Β  The result? No matter the preference of client or member software, a meeting solution is available in any room they choose.

To avoid cable clutter, clunky HDMI adapters and to empower BYOD, a Logitech Swytch was installed in each room. Connected via either USB-A or USB-C (with integrated charging), users can join meetings and share content easily from their own devices, including full motion video & audio.

The outcome

An optimised meeting room experience

These newly refreshed areas standardise and optimise the coworking meeting room experience across all Techspace sites. This consistency has resulted in regular positive client feedback, an uptick in repeat bookings and allowed permanent space members to collaborate. The familiarity, reliability and overhauled simplicity of the meeting room configurations have reduced the number of tech and IT-related issues experienced by users. The result? Reduced strain on our client’s in-house IT team.

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