Improve your connection speed for less than you’re paying now

Fed Up With Poor Quality Internet, But Stuck In A Contract?

We’ve recently negotiated some unbeatable packages for our clients solving their aging connectivity issues, delivering large savings and faster speeds.

On top of savings, we’re also offering a complimentary audit of your connectivity hardware, as many of the firewalls provided in the past are now deemed to be end-of-life. This could potentially void any cybersecurity insurance cover you may have in place.

If you’ve not reviewed your connectivity in the last 24 months, then it’s almost certain you’ll be paying too much for a connection that can be improved.

Here’s what you can expect from our connectivity packages:

No Disruption

Our services will be installed alongside your existing connection meaning that you’ll experience zero disruption and your service can be ready to use in as little as 30 days.

Built For Business

Our infrastructure is purpose-built for business users, ensuring that traffic is never mixed with residential lines, enhancing our clients’ service quality.

Faster For Less

With speeds ranging from 1Gb to 100Gb, we’re so confident in our network and our pricing that we’ll guarantee we can improve your current connection speed for less than you’re paying now.

Interested In Speeding Up Your Connectivity For Less?

Apply for your free quote here and we’ll be back to you with further details on how to get faster for less.

Christopher Chave-Cox, Chief Strategy Officer, iwGROUP