Cyber Awareness

What is Cyber Awareness? Cybersecurity Challenges and Considerations Amid Global Instability

Cybersecurity challenges have been at the forefront of most tech news for the last few years now. It continues to govern C-suite strategies and budgets and is a constant looming shadow over businesses worldwide. Now, the fire is being further fuelled by destabilising global politics.  Wars are now not just being fought on the ground, but also virtually, with both Government-backed and vigilante groups on each side targeting individuals and businesses to obtain information or, simply, to just cause chaos.  So what is cyber awareness and how can we combat cybersecurity challenges?

Cyber Insurance Considerations: The Importance of Cyber Awareness and Network Device Compliance

A lot of businesses are countering this threat by taking out Cyber insurance.  This is essentially an indemnity against the losses that a business may suffer during and after a Cyberattack. However, these policies are incredibly convoluted and include a lot of clauses that your businesses needs to adhere to, to be covered in the event of an attack. As much as it’s pleasant to think so, having Cyber insurance isn’t necessarily a complete failsafe for your business. Another cybersecurity challenge to consider. 

One example is network device compliance, most commonly software and firmware versions. Every so often, be it monthly, quarterly or annually, a provider will issue new versions of its software and firmware, for varying reasons: 

  • To combat bugs reported by users
  • Improve the general user experience
  • To patch exploits that have been discovered in the previous versions

In certain scenarios, emergency releases are made to cover large exploits that receive a lot of public attention or are identified as being particularly dangerous. With certain makes and models of network device, these updates happen autonomously, typically overnight, without any manual intervention. This is not always the case. A large portion needs to be manually triggered to carry out these updates.  This means that if you’re not on top of your network administration, you may quickly find yourself several releases behind. Invariably, this has a very good chance of invalidating your cyber insurance policy, should you make a claim.  

The iwGROUP Cybersecurity Approach: A Secure Technology Journey

Good network administration along with cybersecurity considerations, understanding the importance of cyber awareness and overcoming challenges are therefore imperative to your business’s safety, security and longevity. Cybercrime isn’t going anywhere, in fact, it is only ever likely to increase from where we are today.  

At iwGROUP, we adopt a proactive, pre-emptive, and comprehensive approach to cybersecurity challenges.  Via robust preventive measures, thorough testing, and rigorous audits, we equip businesses to mitigate the risks associated with a broad spectrum of cyber-attacks. Via our multi-layered defense strategy, technology is merged with user education to safeguard digital assets against diverse threats. 

We are here to advise and guide you on a secure and safe technology journey.  Do reach out to me to continue the conversation and to find out more about our cybersecurity solutions.

Rob Smith, Pre-Sales Director, iwGROUP