Intelligent WiFi – Mist

Wi-Fi has a gap in it and that gap is getting wider. Essentially, it is between what people expect from 21st century business wireless and what they actually get. The digital world is changing and expectations of technology are changing with it, yet is Wi-Fi keeping up with the pace?  

The truth is, not really. 20 years since it first became a business essential, many Wi-Fi systems are still reliant on old managed networks and legacy systems. Yet newer, smarter cloud architectures are ready and available. 

The fact is that standard, legacy Wi-Fi systems just aren’t any good at juggling, interpreting or acting upon all of the disparate data points firing their way. They can’t think for themselves or troubleshoot.  

As Wi-Fi is increasingly becoming the primary access mechanism for most companies, this is a huge, growing issue. Yet, given the vast array of devices, operating systems and applications burdening systems, it is harder than ever to operate and manage WLANs. Leading WLAN vendors are dealing with platforms that are first generation Wi-Fi, making it difficult to leverage the cloud and wireless technologies effective enough to meet modern smart mobile user needs. 

It’s time for the next generation of WiFi  

Mist, a Juniper company, is using AI to revolutionise business wireless and lead the way into the future. Mist is the first ever AI-enhanced Wi-Fi network. Combined with a microservices cloud architecture, Mist delivers automation and insights that can transform enterprise networks. In short, AI can bring simplicity to IT administrators and network users every single day.  

This new Wi-Fi solution can save time and money with automated workflow, simple root cause analysis, and Marvis — an AI-driven virtual network assistant. Marvis offers actionable insights that will help you to understand your Wi-Fi network, plus in-depth analytics that can transform your business. 

Mist isn’t just a Wi-Fi and BLE innovation – it’s a total paradigm shift. What’s more, it’s unlike anything else on the market. That’s because it:  

  • Is powered by AI  
  • Is built on a modern microservices architecture  
  • Is 100 % cloud-based  
  • Offers Wi-Fi Assurance and Service Level Expectations  
  • Has its own unique patented vBLE technology, which included asset tracking and wayfinding  
  • Includes the world’s first Virtual AI assistant, Marvis, who will simplify your Wi-Fi network operations. 

Combining intelligent problem solving, real time insights and big data analytics, Mist can speed up your business, offer a much better user experience and overall, an excellent return on investment. So if you are looking to move your Wi-Fi network into the future, then Mist’s AI-driven Wi-Fi and BLE solution is a crucial first step.