Introducing the Kisi Terminal Pro: Enhanced Employee & Visitor Access Control

Unlock the Future with the Kisi Terminal Pro

Access control is essential for running a safe and secure workspace, whether it’s an office, coworking space, gym, spa, club, retail or logistics park, event space, or film and TV studio.

With constantly changing foot traffic and a variety of visitors, guests, and members, ensuring the right people have access at the right time is crucial. Traditional fobs and keys are outdated; in today’s digital world, more convenient and seamless solutions are available.

Introducing The Kisi Terminal Pro

At iwGROUP, we’re incredibly proud of our longstanding partnership with Kisi, a leader in access control innovation. Their versatile solutions have benefitted clients across numerous industry sectors, and their latest innovation, the Terminal Pro, is a game-changer.

Why the Kisi Terminal Pro?

The Terminal Pro offers convenience, flexibility, and security, elevating the employee and visitor access control experience. This all-in-one solution prioritises credential flexibility and streamlined operations, enabling quick, secure unlock and check-in methods with minimal overhead.

Frictionless Access Via Apple Wallet and Temporary QR Codes

Providing a seamless experience for everyone, the Terminal Pro goes way beyond a regular reader. Your employees can tap their Apple Wallet, while your visitors, guests, and contractors can scan time-restricted QR codes for access.

We understand the challenges that come with managing visitors. While employees can easily unlock doors with credentials within Apple Wallet, handling guests can be more complex. However, we have a solution. Imagine a scenario where your team registers a visitor and can send them a time-limited QR code via email. When the visitor arrives, they simply scan the QR code at the Kisi Terminal, and it automatically logs them into Kisi events.

This not only enhances user experience, but ensures compliance, simplifies admin tasks, bolsters security, and allows complete visibility into access analytics for every visitor.

Seamless Access Control Integration

Integrating the Terminal Pro with office and coworking management platforms like OfficeRnD or Optix is a real game-changer. This also extends to industry-specific gym, spa, and club membership apps, along with your go-to data analytics tools and visitor systems, offering infinite benefits and seamless customised experiences.

Full CCTV Integration

Integrate your CCTV cameras seamlessly with Kisi access control. Leading video surveillance manufacturers such as Rhombus and Cisco Meraki can easily fuse with Kisi, enabling you to:

• Swiftly monitor access points and prevent tailgating.
• Get instant visual insights and remotely review footage for all relevant access events.
• Identify trends and vulnerabilities to prevent security breaches.
• Analyse suspicious behaviours and take corrective measures based on video evidence.

This comprehensive integration ensures you see the full picture and maintain top-notch security across your facilities.

Versatility Across Diverse Industry Sectors

Access control systems, such as the Kisi Terminal Pro, are incredibly versatile across a wide range of industry sectors due to their adaptability, security, and convenience.

  • Offices and coworking spaces: streamline employee and visitor management, enhancing security, user experience and data analytics.
  • Gyms, spas, and golf or private members clubs: manage memberships effortlessly while ensuring only authorised access. Enhance security in both public and private areas. 
  • Retail and logistics parks: benefit from controlled access to sensitive areas, protecting inventory and assets.
  • Event spaces and film studios: seamless entry, ensuring efficient operations and enhanced security.

The flexibility to integrate with various management platforms and the ability to handle diverse access needs make access control solutions indispensable in today’s dynamic and multifaceted environments.

Ready To Join The Access Control Revolution?

The reaction to the Kisi Terminal Pro has been overwhelmingly positive. Many of our existing clients are already upgrading, and our new clients are eager to adopt this advanced solution. We’re confident that the future of access control lies with innovations like the Terminal Pro, offering numerous benefits for businesses across various industry sectors.

If you’re an existing iwGROUP client interested in upgrading to the Terminal Pro, reach out for a chat with me, Scot Gibson or Maura Vinall. Or, if you’re new to us and would like a complimentary review of your current security measures, I’ll be happy to arrange that for you.

Discover how a tailored access control solution can meet your specific requirements and will change your whole approach to security.


Christopher Chave-Cox, Chief Strategy Officer, iwGROUP