Technology Tour at The Mets

Thanks to Wicket Software for granting CCC, Scot Gibson and me an exclusive opportunity to visit Citi Field in New York!

An unforgettable experience, starting with a behind-the-scenes tour of the stadium’s cutting-edge technology infrastructure.  VIP tickets to the Mets game against the Colorado Rockies was the icing on the cake!

During the tour, we gained valuable insights into Citi Field’s tech. We found their digital signage, impressive HD screens, sound systems, retail outlets, bars, and catering facilities truly outstanding.

Exploring their state-of-the-art stadium technology including ticketing systems and VIP experience practices was particularly inspiring. It highlighted the stark differences in fan experiences between the UK and the USA.

Exciting news! Alongside the iwGROUP team, I’m thrilled to announce our upcoming launch of many of these innovative technologies in the coming months. We’re confident that these advancements will revolutionise the experiences for sports and music fans across the UK and Europe.

Seeing our concepts already in use in the USA was incredibly validating. Our development and integration of stadium technology across various products are progressing rapidly and will be unveiled soon. Stay tuned for the launch of our new website in early June, where we’ll showcase a wide range of cutting-edge technology products and services.

Chris Burfield, Joint CEO, iwGROUP